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P.E. Labellers S.p.A.
P.E. Labellers S.p.A.
Via Europa, 25 - Porto Mantovano (MN) - Italia
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Rotary labeling machine Self-adhesive PE LABELLERS


Rotary linerless roll-fed self-adhesive labelling machine suitable to apply wrap-around pre-glued labels

Is the cheapest and most ecological solution in the field of Roll-fed labeling. It uses reels with already applied glue strips, which are applied to the label during the film converting process.

ADHESLEEVE is a type of labelling machine which uses pre-glued transparent or white roll-fed film with thicknesses lower than the films that are normally used on the classic Roll-Fed labellers.

Due to the use of thermal-shrinkable pre-glued roll-fed films, Roll-Adhesleeve, on the same machine, is able to handle shaped containers creating a Sleeve-type packaging at definitely lower costs (40% savings), granting the same packaging quality.

ADHESLEEVE allows the reduction of the label costs granting at the same time a higher efficiency of the labelling machine and of the line in its totality.

Eliminating the use of the hot melt is the first major innovation which hallmarks this machine offering the following advantages:

- environmental: absence of fumes produced by heating the hot melt (to around 150°C);

- sanitary: it is no longer necessary to utilize solvents to clean the label application cylinder (having eliminated the hot melt no residual glue is left to clean)

- ecological: the absence of hot melt makes the label free from any contamination, so 100% recyclable, together with the bottle and the cap.

The second important innovation introduced by this new labelling technology is the method of label cut. As this is no longer affected by fixed cutting blades interacting with rotary ones, several BIG PROBLEMS are easily solved:

- Adjustments: not necessary to adjust the cutting unit for various film thicknesses, considerable changes in the ambient temperature, no worn out blades etc.

- Replacements: it takes only 10 minutes (at most) to replace the cutting devices without tools or adjustments! The life of the new cutting devices is much longer than the classical cutting system;

- Efficiency: 100% elimination of production stops, potentially due to imperfect label cut, film stretching with consequent reduction of its thickness, different film thicknesses due to an excessive quantity of paint on a reel, etc. The new cutting devices do not require any servicing or adjustment. Films with a different thickness from standard ones can be used.


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